Enabling Others to Succeed

As a self-funded organization, we can only provide scholarships for so many students each year.  However, we do provide opportunities for individuals or corporations to provide sponsored scholarships to students.  Sponsors can fund scholarships for a specific individual, next on the waiting list, or a group of students.  A sponsor can also pledge to sponsor a partial scholarship, which may be matched with other sponsors to award a full scholarship.

Why would I sponsor someone versus just buying them materials and exams directly?  While that is certainly an option, we are in continuous development of a training program that helps each individual be successful.  Our mentors work with each student, curate the training, build out a training plan, provide materials, hold recurring weekly status calls, and are available to answer questions and coach students through complex concepts.  In addition, our sponsorships may be tax deductible, so check with your tax advisor.  For more information on what FTSI provides, see our Scholarships section

What is the donation amount to sponsor a scholarship?

The donation amount of sponsoring a student varies depending on the certification track being pursued.

For example, using our two most popular entry level scholarships, the ITF+ and the A+ certification (A+ is unique as it requires two certification exams ) the detailed costs are listed below.  

ITF+ Certification

For Exam FCO-U61

  • eBook: $25
  • Course E-Learn Material:  $75
  • Mentor: $120
  • Self-paced labs:  $40
  • Practice/Simulation Exam:  $55
  • Exam Voucher: $90

Total Donation to provide a scholarship for the ITF+ Certification:  $405


A+ Certification

For Exam 220-1001

  • eBook: $35
  • Course E-Learn Material:  $110
  • Mentor: $240
  • Practice/Simulation Exam:  $75
  • Exam Voucher: $115

For Exam 220-1002

  • eBook: $35
  • Course E-Learn Material:  $110
  • Mentor: $240
  • Self-paced labs: $50
  • Practice/Simulation Exam:  $75
  • Exam Voucher: $115

Total donation to provide a scholarship for the A+ Certification:  $1200


What are the sponsor donation options?

We want to be flexible and offer different donation options to sponsors.  The options differ depending on the certification.

CompTIA ITF+ Sponsorship

FTSI offers two options for the CompTIA ITF+ scholarship:

  • Monthly donation – the cost of the scholarship is divided into three monthly donations
    • $405 / 3 months = $135/month
  • Single donation – the cost of the scholarship is paid in a single donation


CompTIA A+ Sponsorship

FTSI offers three options for CompTIA A+ full scholarships:

  • Donation per stage:  the scholarship is divided into four stages.  A donation request is sent at start, and when the student crosses specific thresholds.  These would be identical for exams,
    1. Start – books, course materials, access to learning management system – $150
    2. Mentorship – after student progresses 33% through the material – $150
    3. Practice Exams – after student progresses 66% though the material – $150
    4. Certification Exam – after the student averages > 60% on practice exam – $150
  • Monthly donation – the cost of the scholarship is divided into six monthly donations.
    • $1,200 / 6 months = $200/month
  • Single donation – the cost of the scholarship is paid in a single donation

What are partial sponsorships?

A partial sponsorship would provide a portion of the scholarship costs for a student.  Presently, FTSI offers 25% or 50% sponsorship, and only offered on the the CompTIA A+ certification.  FTSI would pool these together to provide a full student scholarship.  The scholarship sponsor form will guide you through the donation selections available.

Can I be a silent sponsor?

Yes, if you wish to sponsor a student but remain anonymous, we will accommodate your request.  When filling out the sponsor form, select the silent sponsorship option.  You will also have the option to specify a particular person, in which case FTSI will contact them directly to offer the scholarship.  If you do specify a person, FTSI would request they apply for the scholarship and go through the interview process, just to ensure there is strong interest in a tech career and our program.  We want to be good stewards of our donations, and don’t want to accept the donation if the potential student doesn’t have interest.  If you have questions, please contact us

Is it possible for a company to sponsor one or more students?

Yes, a company that wants to sponsor one or more scholarships is welcomed.  The sponsorship can also provide sponsored student(s) with details and information on your company as a possible career opportunity or name recognition.  A company can sponsor specific named students or provide a scholarship for the next approved applicant(s).  FTSI also offers corporate partner options, you can find more information on this offering

Want to find out more?

We have a few ways for you to contact us.  Use the ‘Contact Us’ button, or the chat box on the bottom right. We look forward to hearing from you!