About our Scholarships

Our scholarships include access to curated self-paced study material, an assigned mentor, certification manuals, practice exams, and certification exam vouchers.  Our scholarships are provided in stages, and materials are provided as the student progresses through the course.  The scholarship student‘s mentor will help answer questions, provide guidance and coaching as they progress through the study material and certification exams.  The purpose of multiple stages is to ensure the student is maintaining interest and progressing through the material to maximize each investment maximize each investment.

√ Stage 1:

Mentor and Materials – after an applicant has been awarded a scholarship, a mentor is assigned to help determine learning style and develop a training plan.  Then a set of study materials is provided to the student, which could include ebooks, online self-paced training or other study methods depending on the student’s learning style.  After the training plan is developed and agreed upon, the mentor and scholarship student will meet on a weekly basis to review progress, answer questions and provide guidance.  The mentor and student will also work out the best methods for providing assistance between the recurring weekly calls.

√ Stage 2:

Practice exams – Once the student has progressed > 66% through the material of their course, online practice exam materials are provided.  These practice exams help the student and mentor determine which certification objectives need focused study with the goal to prepare for the actual certification exam.  Weekly progress mentorship calls continue through this phase.

√ Stage 3:

Certification exam – when the mentor determines the student is ready to attempt the certification exam, generally when the student begins consistently scoring over 60% in the online practice exams, a certification exam voucher will be provided to the student.  The student will schedule the exam with the mentor’s assistance, and continue preparation and study leading up to the exam date.  Weekly progress mentorship calls continue through this phase.

At this point, the student either passes or fails the exam.  In the event of a pass, the student would progress to Stage 4.  In the event of an exam failure (it happens to all of us in this industry!), the mentor will review the areas of difficulty with the student and build a gap training plan and exam reschedule date. 

On some certifications, such as the CompTIA A+, there are two exams to complete the single certification.  In that case, the student would repeat these stages to prepare for the second exam to complete the full certification.

√ Stage 4:

Gain experience – The student may have opportunities to work with FTSI staff to assist in design and troubleshooting experiences for FTSI and/or IT4NP customers.  These experiences would start as a shadow resource (listen and learn) and progress to additional responsibilities as their experience grows.  These opportunities are available at a volunteer level to gain experience for resumes and transcripts.

Application for scholarship

Use the Apply button below to access the scholarship application.  Each application is reviewed by the FTSI board.  If initially approved, the applicant will be invited to an interview to discuss career aspirations, future goals, certification options and determine how serious and dedicated the applicant is to complete a certification course and exam.  Since we are stewards of the donated monies to the not-for-profit, we need to ensure we are providing the funds to candidates who have an invested interest in following through to completion.  The application and interview have been designed with this in mind.

Sponsored Scholarship Applicants

Since Future Tech Systems Inc can only provide scholarships to a certain number students per year, we offer the opportunity for applicants to find sponsors to support their training.  If you have sponsors lined up for your scholarship, the application form has a place to enter the details.  Applicants with sponsors are fast tracked once we have verification from the listed sponsor(s).  There is also the option to apply for a scholarship with only a partial sponsor.  These will be reviewed by our board just like the standard application but may have a higher chance of acceptance.

Want to find out more?

We have a few ways for you to contact us.  Use the ‘Contact Us’ button, or the chat box on the bottom right. We look forward to hearing from you!